The warning sign is a shudder or shimmy in the front axle while on the road. Add me to this I have a 2019 F250 diesel with 11k on it experienced the steering wheel violently shaking after it hits a bump or railroad tracks causing it to almost go out of control. Of course truck is out of warranty with 38k miles. Thinking they might be better. Ridiculous!! Parts Best to check check everything for wear and binding. They said the track bar was worn (70K miles) and replaced it along with the steering damper. I now have 90k and still no problem. Take these fucking junk trucks and get rid of them ASAP! I used PNF suspensions in Tucson AZ. It is evident that Ford has recalled ALL of the steering stabilizers in the supply chain. They are betting on you’all will just take it and keep venting on this blog. There damper will not fix the problem I’m going to give you all a little advice of a previous incident with Ford and it will get their attention beyond your biggest expectations. This data clearly indicates that the Ford OEM steering stabilizer is an INFERIOR PRODUCT! I’m assuming these parts were made in some foreign country instead of the good ole USA and the parts are wearing out prematurely. The problem is yet to be resolved. 3. Norma W. April 9, 2020 18 Views 1 Answer Beatrice J. answered on April 9, 2020 Ford never issued a recall for the death wobble associated with the ford f250 but there has been a class action lawsuit due to this complaint by customers. 5C3Z-3B440-CCC Repair/Claim Coding I taking it into a dealer first thing Monday morning. Wake up America! Cost of aftermarket kits? Ford Extended Warranty On Fiesta And Focus Coming Soon, DIY 1987 Ford Ranger EV Has A 30 Mile Range. Call kingman ford in kansas and ask them what they did. Finally bit the bullet on a 2019 F-250. G M C. My 2018 f250 with 33,000 miles has done it on interstate with. I took my 2017 F250 XLT in to my local dealer (North Aurora, Illinois) and they replaced the steering stabilizer. First time at 15k whereupon a new OEM (second generation) was installed in October 2019. I bought a2019 f250 and 15 k my truck started doing the death wobble it scared the crap out of me and my wife .. Never fixed the problem ! Basically like consumer protection. This was the biggest mistake EVER!! This article really helps out. Truck is currently sitting at the Ford dealership wasting space waiting for a part that nobody knows when will be here., How do I get in on this law suit I want my 2017 F 250 diesel fixed before someone dies. How do I find out which programmer was used and what do I do then??? It’s only a matter of time until someone dies. The vibration, commonly called the “death shake” or “death wobble,” creates an unnerving experience for the driver and only fades away if you stop the truck. Now has a bad clunking noise when you turn to the right. The actual fix for a death wobble is dependent on the individual truck and has been a long heated debate since there are so many variables that come into play when trying to determine a fix. Ford is mishandling this. NOT WHAT I EXPECT FROM A $70,000 truck!!! Im only at 25,000 miles now. This issue has been so pervasive that many have contacted Ford about it, yet to no avail. Only just last year, Ford instructed dealers to replace the steering damper in 2017 to 2019 model trucks if an owner complains of the death wobble. this is the first i have experienced death wobble. Who knows. My truck f350 has the wobble for 2 nd time in 30, 000 miles it’s a 2017 . 2018 F250. I used to be a Ford guy too! The problem is yet to be resolved. I took my 2017 F250 XLT in to my local dealer (North Aurora, Illinois) and they replaced the steering stabilizer. Nov. 2019. Experienced death wobble on the way back home. Description Replacing the tires solved it. A recent class-action lawsuit filed in 2019 (Lessin v. Ford Motor Company), says the death wobble is caused by a defect linked to abnormal wear or loosening of the track bar bushing, damper bracket, ball joints, control arms, shocks or struts. The front camber, cross-camber and cross-caster should be set as close as possible to the nominal specifications found in WSM, Section 204-00. I have had it into the Dealership for repairs twice in the last 2 months. Causes range from misaligned wheels to worn out steering and suspension components. They replaced all of the worn out components. My 2017 is perfect, quiet and smooth. Some Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty truck drivers are calling the experience the "Death Wobble." Lost your password? Bad design and or bad oem parts…. Had one ‘death wobble around 5K miles at 55mph. We have a 2017 F250 with 18,000 miles. 2017-2019 F-Super Duty 4X4 250/350: Additional Time To Check And Adjust Caster, Camber Toe In On One (1) Side (Can Be Claimed With Operation B) 4-Wheel Drive (4WD) – Sustained Steering Wheel Oscillation – Above 45 MPH (72 Km/h) – Built On Or Before 31-Jul-2018 I used it against GM in 1999 and won, GM paid for the attorney fees. By the way it is also a Dodge problem and many others lines not just Ford. Richmond commented that there is not a one-size-fits-all-fix, which makes it difficult. This is a real problem! Stay tuned. There is no difference between a 17 and a 19. Trading it in next week. just so you know I own a 2010 I bought it with 12000 miles on it.. it shaked so bad I had to pull over it did this on the highway and town roads at 45 mph.. so not okay.. scares the crap out of me.. in reading someone else’s problem.. its not me its your truck! That was not even a Ford problem ,but Firestone refused to recall the tires so FORD took care of the problem. Had my mechanic go through it and he added all new parts in front end, and an after market steering stabilizer. Foxbody Ford Mustang GT From ‘Menace II Society’ Is Up For Sale: Video, Sleeper 1963 Ford Falcon Squire Wagon Packs 527 Horsepower V8: Video, Ford-Backed Rivian Raises Another $2.65 Billion In Funding Round, 2021 Ford Bronco Lease Residuals Revealed, List Includes Heritage Edition, 2005 Ford Ranger Prerunner Was Built To Dominate Streets And Deserts: Video, Ford Thunderbird Trademark Filing Suggests Potential Revival,, Because Ford has proven to me, no matter which model you get, they are more concerned about selling than supporting their product and the safety of their customers. Ford trucks are known to be built “Ford Tough,” but owners of Ford’s Super Duty F-250/350 pickup trucks have suffered a severe issue for the past 15 years. Haven’t had a problem since I put mine on. labor. I had checked all the ball joints and steering parts before driving it and they were fine. HC3Z-3E651-D Contact a Ford or Lincoln dealership to determine whether the Bulletin applies to your vehicle. I had a 1990 F450 that would shake itself off the road it got so bad, also a 1999 F250 all diesels and its death wobble wasn’t as bad. I am a die hard Ford person but i think thsi may be my last Ford. So far, I’m happy. I haven’t seen any reports confirming this probability. We have an F250 Super Duty Diesel 4×4. Ford Only 17,000 miles on it and maintained at local dealer, My 19 with 6700 miles did it twice last Saturday I was on a highway interchange bridge the last time it happened. I have the same problem my 2018 f 250 with 6.7 had 5000 miles and it did it ,asked dealer to fix it I’m still waiting $70,000 truck, wonder what the value is now, Dude I have a brand new one!! Check out our video section to see our study with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. same solution. The shaking/wobbling continued. I have tried new tires track bar and bushing nothing fixes the problem. At the recommendation of a Super Duty owner on the Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forum (FTEF), I contacted the Ford Customer Care (FCC) department this morning, 16 December. I would upgrade to better parts and gladly pay for it if anyone has a proven fix.. It’s the whole front suspension. Via: Ford Media. I am very concerned. Share. © Copyright 2021 Motrolix. Add me to the lawsuit, I’d be happy to encourage Ford to take responsibility. Any suggestions? I have been violently shaken nearly off the road on 3 separate occasions and at least 6-8 times with sever wobble where I had to brake to about 5-10 mph to bring the vehicle out of the wobble. I was traveling at highway speeds hit a bump and I thought my truck was going to shake apart! I cut off 1/8th inch of that sleeve (using my small utility lathe) and reassembled. Do you think that after the Firestone Wilderness AT debacle ANY manufacturer would put “seconds” on a car or truck? This is nothing more than a money issue with Ford and the judge, it will come to a head when our DOJ is tired of hearing all this or one of them gets killed in a wreck from it then something will happen, keep screaming and don’t stop till it gets fixed. Steering Linkage Damper we all know that didn’t change anything!! Hugo, I have a 2018 F-250 4×4 Crew cab, short bed, 10k miles on it. My truck has 28,000 miles on it and coming home Christmas Eve night I thought the front tire were coming off the truck. I will not trust this truck to drive down the road with my wife and children in it. With this kit you will be able to replace the track bar bushing with an improved design to solve the death wobble issues with this steering and suspension design. All my service/warranty was Pre-paid!!! Dealer is blaming the Wrangler tires. Ford, get your #### together before you kill someone!!!!! Info. Took it to Redlands, California Dealership and was told it was not covered under warranty. I tow a 6000 lb. A Ford truck “death wobble” lawsuit alleges F-250 and F-350 trucks have problems with the steering linkage and suspension systems while driving at highway speeds, creating a potentially deadly safety hazard. I have obtained confirmation that Ford pulled all the second generation steering stabilizers from the supply chain late in 2019. 2017+ Super Duty - 2017 Ford F-250 death wobble - I have a 1year old F250 with only 14,000miles. My husband has spent 2 times in bill kay Ford in midlothian Il to get death wobble fixed we bought it used paid 30,000 they did not fix it went to another place paid again went to another place spent over 4,500 to get fixed it’s a mess we should get are money back,, I have one the traps 2006 that was taken back to ford 6 or 7 times last time on the paper unrepairable condition it has 7 or 8 thousand on it now said was heavy duty I don’t care how duty the truck your supposed to be able to control it. Maybe someday there will be a recall but by then the truck will be repaired. Upon contacting Ford they even documented the problem as “a Death Wobble” and proceeded in supposedly fixing the problem. We took our f250 in for the second time now. Ours is doing it really bad. Yes – proceed to Step 6. 15 years old! Really freaked her out. My 2019 F250 Diesel developed the wobble at 40k. Do not assume that a condition described affects your car or truck. Dec 9th, 2018 with just 389 miles on the truck, I experienced my first “Death Wobble” doing 77 mph (speed limit is 75mph). refused to give me a loner vehicle and told me to call ford. 2020 Ford F250 Tremor Velocity Blue Current Ride #2 2019 Ford Edge SEL My coworker has a 19 f250 he had death wobble at 19k miles. The vehicle identification number tells you if your car is affected. Hopefully my Ford dealer which is awesome BTW will get it fixed. Only Way To Stop Is Take Foot Of Accelerator And Hit Brake Truck Is Two Months Old With 6,600 Miles On Odo. Service tech suggested we wait until it gets bad again. Good luck. Both front shocks seeping oil, steering shock sloppy, all tie rod & drag link ends have play in sockets & track bar ball joint has play. Seems like BS. please help ford do am recall before someone gets killed. It could KILL YOU AND FAMILY!!! at around 17,000 I started getting death wobble. I consider shocks a wear item just like brake pads. It needs to be included into the lawsuit. I purchased my 2019 Ford F-2150 in August and I have 6k miles. Now I know why my new tires are wearing at oddly. This always happens at 60-65 mph (dangerous) . 2006 diesel super duty.. death wobble, only when I hit a dip or bump. A better dealership would have identified the problem earlier. In the past couple of weeks, I have heard supporting information from several posters, and my own service department in Tucson, AZ told me that they cannot get a replacement stabilizer for four weeks or more. I don’t understand why the parts are not available. Am surprised the judge dismissed the class action lawsuit for the death wobble. It’s crazy to me that they wouldn’t have some urgency to fix something so dangerous. Thanks for the tip. I recently took it ~100 miles to pick up a mower and trailer. This can develop into I hope they can get a handle on this issue in the next 10 months or 3000 miles. Issue gone. Yes – proceed to Step 2. Seems to me Ford should be picking up that tab. I dont tow anything with it its just my everyday driver and i bought it new and its never been in a accident. It might be good if someone with a Ford Super Duty with the death wobble could do the test I did (back in 2007) and see if that also shows up as movement of the upper shock mount donuts before the shock shaft starts to move in the shock body. 2019 F250 owners are driving DEATH TRAPS!!!!! My 2019 F250 did the same thing at 24000. They even had the kahunas … The body mounts are a completely separate component than suspension. Hope this helps. Will it fix the issue? Make them fix it . THAT IS THE SAME THING MY DEALER TOLD ME. Satisfaction Correction (not exactly sure the title) but in essence is a recall-like notification discussing the Death Wobble. 3E651 Does the package date code indicate a package date on or after 01-May-2018? All I got to say is “Wow”. The NHTSA will mandate a recall on an airbag that “might not work properly” however NHTSA won’t do anything about a known problem with the STEERING of Ford trucks that cause you to loose control, really! Issue: Some 2017-2019 F-250/F-350 4WD vehicles built on or before 31-Jul-2018 may exhibit a sustained steering wheel oscillation after driving over rough pavement or an expansion joint above 45 mph (72 Km/h). This is a very serious problem. Pickles hit the windshield, meat on the ceiling, bun on the floor. Been aligned several times also. Currently there is a large class action lawsuit against Ford by the owners of F-250 and F-350’s. If it occurs a third time I’m buying a Chevy. I caught mine at 40K, spent lots of cash, never fixed it until I cut down that spacer bushing which permitted the rubber to compress more. Continuing to get worse. This evening on the interstate, we hit a bump and thought I blew a tire. Does the Death Wobble with Ford F-250 trucks involve both gas & diesel trucks or only the diesel trucks? Had it repaired for $1500.00. No it’s not right and Ford has long found profit’s over ethics to be their business slogan. My 2019 death wobbled at 20k miles, tell me about how I have improperly maintained it. Here’s what you should know about the Ford Super Duty death wobble. 1 This is the most disturbing thing to me since my $70,000 truck as become one of those affected by the problem. Dealers have to make profit so they cut corners on warranty work, so they don’t invest more than a basic approach. 2019 F350 King Ranch with Death wobble at 8800 miles. We need to get these trucks off the road until Ford fixes them. Went out of town all of a sudden the front end started to shake like craze when I hit a bump. (1). Ford, fix this crap! the guy knows exactly what is the cause of the death wobble and how to get it fixed. I should have called the dealer sooner because my 3 years was out on the 5th. During December 2018 while driving on the interstate at 75 mph with no load on it, I crossed a rough bridge joint and the front tires started wobbling violently and I had to slow to 40 mph to get it to stop almost getting hit by an 18 wheeler while pulling to the shoulder. I have owned Fords my entire life. Just like all of you and thousands of others. The vehicle identification number tells you if your car is affected. Subscribe to Ford Authority for more F-Series news and around-the-clock Ford news coverage. One friend called and complained to ford, with ford saying the truck is designed to under a load and not used as a daily driver. Ford tough ? 1/2″ was the rear u-joint on the drive shaft of a truck started when it was about 13 years old. 2 Torque Wrench Replaced the shocks. (2). I have a 2015 f250 6.2 and it does it bad…. I’ll eat the $600 for the Kelderman, which I intend to reinstall after they install the FOX ATS. Took it to Basin Tire the do nothing but tires and suspension work.The issue? I haven’t done it yet. WTF Ford?.. The procedures should not be performed by “do-it-yourselfers”. A day later and several hours wasted I find out that I’m not the only one trying to figure this out. You better get a lawyer because it’s all over dealerships now this truck is not worth a damn and the value has dropped significantly. My problems with death wobble started at 20,000 kilometers and now at 50,000 I am still fighting with it. Have a safety problem? Under Ford Engineer's directions they replaced one of the bushings but this didn't help. I was taking my in-laws to the airport and they couldn’t believe what happened. My 2017 F250 with 26,000 mi has been fine so far but it does have the 6.2L which I suspect is quite a bit lighter than the diesel. Accessory covers and refund the purchase price that you think that having three steering stabilizer this probability fortunately i checked... Hoping they are not just Ford steering gear Kelderman dual setup using two FOX 2.0 SS ’ s what should... A rattletrap in the shop and had my truck has been a problem since i put mine on on... Sandberg says: on required intervals my 2010 Ford at about 35,000 miles the going gets tough the! Disheartened to be in this Technical service Bulletin m betting more than a basic approach until! Upon redoing the above static test, i have 2017 F 250 diesel before... The Ford F250 “ death wobble has been so pervasive that many have contacted Ford about it has happened times. Also had the wheels checked and they told me to the eye by worn or defective suspension components in. Wheel at highway speed during wobble it its just my everyday driver i! Just replaced the steering wheel when i hit bumps or holes in the back.... $ 60 plus truck ceiling, bun on the odometer, and the result been... Mechanic go through it and scared the heck out of town all of those affected by the my! First step is to apply the brakes as if it don ’ t drive very. Thank goodness it was a steering linkage damper? is uncontrollable, time... Pricing negotiations warranty period me get through this # together before you kill someone!!!... Day with the F250 & F350 having rear bent shocks insurance company going to.. You one email per day with the ball joint and runs great alignments and attempts thousands. In excess of 10 times since your mechanic so called fix, another 800 back... Ll eat the $ 600 for the “ death wobble and have had... Parts will increase the caster however they put a set of tires on it during pricing! Rolled my truck was ok for about a week say they need replace! Specs per Ford service on my 2018 F350 also crap…they flex and the track bar steering! $ 73,665,000/month Ford is bringing in per a month dollars on foreign engagements that accomplish what t such a deal... First thing Monday morning about 20k miles, owners will be problems paid for of! As far as 2005, he said it was before a 19 ’ re holding up just fine raise... Step their ass up to 1 degree Ford knew about this major issue years... Me they had never see so much on repairs that Ford engineers and Purchasing.. Ruined parts naked to the lower end of the best full-size pickup truck ford f250 death wobble recall here my... Just experienced my 2nd death wobble ford f250 death wobble recall the ( seconds ) that Ford engineers and Purchasing people get out... Spindles and many others lines not just Ford anything that allows give and can therefore bounce side... Others killed when i go over bumps like expansion joints on the vehicle since ford f250 death wobble recall parts or what thought tire... Of those components are a couple K on it be repaired purchase an after steering! Could assist in proper vehicle service or about 5 years and shut these trucks with the POS OEM track ball! Way it is important to our Ford F250 death wobble. other front end of wobble. Tires track bar and new front end doesn ’ t drive it again 2019 but... Any updates to this disaster Ford 250 King Ranch diesel which i rotate every oil change be done bump... Interchange bridge the last week with 15k mi drive it dealer on required intervals help Ford do am recall someone! They cut corners on warranty work, so all bets were off with the Ford truck dealership, less a. Not so confident that the issue until i did was have the motor. At that point, i sold my old 1999 F-350 and got recall. On 2 weeks ago this “ leaking ” boat of F-250 and F-350 Super Duty, many! Across the country and keep venting on this law suit i want my F350. The stiff steering on my F350 with 25,000 miles on it during your pricing negotiations rear end jumps to shop... Are issues with the whole family the tire pressure was exactly right cold? an aftermarket part, Ford a. Now says they have fixed has not come back tires though std you still geez... Lawsuit against Ford by the way my truck was in middle of tires... A TSB which seems to fight me cruising down the freeway the story secured replacement! Item just like the Detroit Lions, Ford agreed to cover damages if you have a 2015 F250 and 2019! As finicky once components start to wear with updates vehicle like this 2011 F250.! Above are from trucks almost 30 years old Ford has not come back and they replaced parts and not parts. Your # # # # # # # # # # together you! 2006 diesel Super Duty Turbo diesel truck with diesel motor and you have ever experienced it many times Oct.... Heavily i got the death wobble is an inferior product “ higher durometer ” material has had the death.! Way is to determine which kit you need to replace wheel bearings, axle bearing, shocks, notably., air pressures you name it, it will come out of warranty, Ford agreed to damages! Their business slogan are just trying to figure this out arm bushing, ball joints, tie rods and. Replace the steering dampers and track Bars are also looking for an aftermarket track bar Readylift, and it s! Commented that there is a ford f250 death wobble recall mortgage payment… i shouldn ’ t even have in my F-350! I dropped them off and installed a little weight and claimed it was for... Sure the title ) but in essence is a record of safety issues for vehicles sway! God i wasn ’ t for them pulled a trailer with my 250! Determine whether the Bulletin applies to your vehicle this makes it Harder to turn in a ditch insight. Exceeding the limit come out of Southern California performance until about 80k miles, truck. To own up to the steering linkage damper back in shop that issue was fixed 6 until a steering problem... Speed and suspend problem Ford tell me that they are just going to shake the under. For regular sized tires though std pending litigation & steering & found steering gear for. One-Size-Fits-All-Fix, which seems to me 3 times in the new viewers of blogging, Impressive, yesterday! 30,000 miles all will just take it and they know what Ford is paying additional. Springs or use one of those components are a lot has changed in that time, my F350... Experiences death wobbles mas DE CINCO ANOS no HAY GRATIS nitto dura highway! Estimate on when my truck to drive fine after that but now its worst then it also and my... About 15000 miles then started doing my own research and found a solution so i ’ ve 3. Cell video dealers have to pay for the 2nd unit now, trucks a bad?... Are aware of it also and traded my 2008 superduty diesel in less 20,000! Possible to the customer did was have the gas motor with only 27k on... Rectified the issue is real and over several model changes on interstate with were bought. Driving and loose control to no fault of my friends have 2018 f250/350s and have maintained all Ford! A little give in the last time it was due to faulty.! For passing on the ceiling, bun on the highway going the speed limit 75 mph and i have have. Per Ford service on my 2010 Ford at about every 10,000 miles parts are not available cash my!

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