The Pillar of My Life I was playing with my neighbor, Otis, the yougest son of Walter Stovall one sunny day when it started to rain. All Pillar subscribers receive the same tools to make family life easier to manage. It’s how you provide for yourself and where you are most likely to make new connections and experience measurable wins. Reply. How often do you act impulsively vs considering your actions? Mar 5, 2014 - You are the strength and pillar of my life. The Five Characteristic Traits. These 5 pillars have my own unique spin on them, however I believe they are relatable to people from all walks of life. Financial Pillar Ghana Gospel Music. Previous. To diagnose your emotional health, ask yourself these questions: Many people are turned off by this pillar, but you’re going to need hope, replenishment, and perspective no matter who you are. My dad was the pillar of the family, and sometimes people do things for their family as well. All Kibra MP Ken Okoth has revealed to friends how his wife’s support saw him sail through the turbulent waters of fighting cancer. There are Four Pillars to your life. I completely agree that when you are in a good space, anything feels possible and you can achieve so much more. From the Album Volume1 June 6, 2010 $0.99 Start your 30-day free trial of Unlimited to listen to this song plus tens of millions more songs. Learn how your comment data is processed. Spirituality + Happiness. This can give you a strong foundation to build from. Exclusive Prime pricing. My future and my greatest destiny. Sheri + Nancy aren’t tip toeing around. What are your major factors to consider when making a life decision? The more wins we get, the easier it is to stay motivated. ), Inconsistent sleep schedule or less than 6 hours per evening, Constantly indoors staring at lit screens. If I can set up a strategy to make growing my wealth almost automatic I will h… When we don’t have a handle on this one, it tends to wreck every area of our life. Wishing you a … The pillar of my life is gone, says Beni Lar. The word of God is the pillar of my life. You have always been my pillar of support for every film n occasion of my life. The villains of every story are the characters that hoard everything for themselves, but the heroes give away what they have so that others can flourish. The five pillars of a happy, abundant life are faith, family, finances, physical & mental health, and fun. He is a pillar of society, the son every mother would love to have. Nigerian gospel music minister, songwriter and dynamic worshiper, Efe Destiny serves up a brand new song titled “Pillar of My Life”. Emergency fund equal to 6-12 months expenses, Consistently saving more than you’re spending, Consistently spending more than you’re saving, Consistent sleep schedule and 6-8 hours per night, Eating healthy foods (organic, high protein, fiber, omegas, etc. Having a positive mental state will ensure you are able to deal with everyday life stresses, handle change, be productive and make an active contribution to your community. We all need a little reminder sometimes . How does your career get you closer to your goals and/or the person you want to be? Working every day and night may get some more money in the short term, however each of these relationships needs to be fostered for long term growth and happiness. — K. Funny. I clear my head by jotting down all my thoughts in my happiness journal. Friends + Family. 1 verse. Much of it is genetic, but some of it was taught to me. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Adventure + … Creative Photos . Kindly Share This Story: A beautiful Women's Day wish for … If you describe someone as a pillar of society or a pillar of the community, you mean that they are an active and respected member of a group of people. If so, can I proudly and clearly explain what I’ve been doing about it? — Exodus 13:22. An extra special Women's Day message. You should have waited to tell me I will go to school and it will be tough for me. Trying to fix more than that at once can be overwhelming, and being overwhelmed can get you stuck. One who is a particularly active, respected, and … Money isn’t everything, but boy, does it matter. Are you able to use your strengths and talents in your career right now? My husband and I just had a very long conversation about our goals and basically the idea of balance was the key. Research indicates that volunteering can create a sense of unity, strengthen bonds within the community and provide benefits to the volunteer as well including offering physical and psychological benefits (read warm fuzzy feelings) and possibly career opportunities. No, it is “He who overcomes I will make a pillar.” This is a process. The foundation on which I choose to build my life. My overall wealth plan is two fold; decrease outgoings and increase income streams. While this is quite an accomplishment to some, eating foods with little or no nutritional value and a very high sodium content to boot isn’t going to do your health any favours. They represent your ability to withstand change and to take advantage of opportunity. This is one of my favorite of the 8 Pillars of Life because it’s where I needed the most transformation. All of their attention and intention is often focused on one area at the expense of others. Romance + Sex. Your faithfulness in your trials and temptations shapes you into a pillar that becomes stronger and stronger. If we want to make an impact, we need to give ourselves away, and we need to start today. A new report has been released confirming that money doesn’t make people happier,however making smart decisions about money will give greater financial control and freedom to pursue my other interests.

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